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Chapter 1: Essential Lanscape Objects
In the first set of lessons in this course, you will be expertly guided in sketching natural objects like rocks, trunk, bushes,... The step-by-step process will be presented in a straightforward manner, making it easily accessible for learners to grasp and apply these techniques effectively.
Chapter 2: Bringing Tiny Animals to Life on Paper
In this engaging chapter, the instructor will expertly guide you in drawing small animals, demonstrating effective gouache color techniques, and revealing the secrets to creating lifelike fur textures for both mammals and poultry. By the end of this chapter, you'll have honed your skills in handling gouache and capturing the intricacies of these creatures.
Chapter 3: Streamside Lanscape
In this engaging practical exercise, you'll immerse yourself in sketching a serene streamside miniature. Employing effective techniques to portray rocks, moss, and lush vegetation, you'll craft a beautiful gouache painting. Step-by-step instructions for depicting water surfaces will also be introduced, empowering learners to effortlessly grasp these essential skills and achieve mastery.
Still-Life and Animal with Goauche
A small exercise in painting a little rabbit using gouache. You will learn how to depict fur texture, add details to the grassy background, and make the fur stand out against the grass for contrast.
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