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Before using the services on ARTJOB TRAINING website, you need to register for a user account. During the registration process, you will need to provide necessary personal information such as your full name, address, email, etc. as a necessary step to complete the registration process. All personal information you provide must be accurate and lawful. We will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any legal liability related to inaccurate or illegal information that you have provided during registration.

If we detect any unauthorized access to your account that adversely affects your rights, we will contact you through the information you provided during registration and take appropriate measures to address the issue. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, please change your password immediately or contact us via email at info@artjobtraining.com.

Please do not share any registration information, especially your username and password, with anyone to avoid potential risks such as identity theft, unauthorized commercial use, or account tampering… We will not be responsible for any adverse consequences arising from such situations if you have shared your account information previously.



All information on the website, including images, interface, text, design, sound, video, logo, source code, software and this website itself (whether registered or unregistered) are assets and protected by copyright owned by ARTJOB TRAINING.

Any unauthorized modifications, alterations, reproductions, or creation of derivative works from copyrighted content owned by us for the purpose of financial gain or brand damage are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to terminate the service without prior notice and demand compensation for damage (if any).



ARTJOB TRAINING has the authority to change, modify or remove existing content, features or add new information or features, or add new information (temporarily or permanently) on this website without prior notice to users.

We have the right to enforce rigorous security measures for acts of sabotage, intentional harm to the brand, disclosure, destruction, unauthorized modification of information, unlawful content, or any interference with the system that changes the website’s data structure. Any violation during the use of services or products on the website, we will terminate or delete the account using the service, and report to the appropriate legal authority.

We have the right to use any ideas or concepts that you have submitted on the website or through contact with our team for all purposes without limitation, including product development, production, or marketing. ARTJOB TRAINING  is not obligated to compensate or reward the contributor. 

You must be conscious and ensure that the information and materials you submit are within your usage rights. This implies that ARTJOB TRAINING will not infringe on any third-party rights in its handling (depending on the severity of the issue).

While using the website’s services and features, information transmitted through channels beyond the control of ARTJOB TRAINING. We are not responsible for, nor do we guarantee the stability, security, and risks associated with any data transmission.

We always prioritize and take full responsibility for the security of the personal information provided by users. The information you provide will be used and circulated only within the internal scope, and will never be disclosed or provided to external parties beyond what is permitted, in order to serve the purposes of consultation, customer care, customer service needs, and other cases that do not have a negative impact on customers. You can refer to the “Privacy Policy” article posted on the website for more information on our user privacy policy.



Customers are free to use the services and contribute legal content to ARTJOB TRAINING. The following cases will be considered illegal and strictly prohibited from transmission in any form:

  • Using ARTJOB TRAINING’s copyrighted products and services for the purpose of personal gain and illegal business activities. 
  • Arbitrarily modifying content, infringing on information management rights, changing activities, and operations on the website. 
  • The unlawful storage of user information, disclosure of personal information of users without their consent, and impersonation of other’s identities.
  • Falsification, fabrication, dissemination of misinformation that damages the reputation and brand credibility.
  • Copying, distributing, or publishing any material of ARTJOB TRAINING or without linking back to original materials at ARTJOB TRAINING.
  • Using malicious software to sabotage data or website functionality, causing disruption to our business operations. 

We will terminate the account in use upon detecting any violations of the above behaviors, demand compensation (if any), and you will be held responsible under the law (depending on the severity of the issue). We may take any other legal actions that we deem appropriate and in compliance with current laws.



These terms of use may be updated, supplemented, or modified to be more compatible and in compliance with Vietnamese Law without prior notice. When accessing the website, as well as any interactive actions on the website, we will assume that you agree to terms in the “Terms of use”.



The terms, conditions and content of ARTJOB TRAINING are protected and governed by Vietnamese Law and the competent court in Vietnam. Any disputes arising from the unauthorized use of ARTJOB TRAINING will still be resolved by the competent court in Vietnam under Vietnamese Law.



We welcome your feedback and inquiries regarding the TERMS OF USE, as well as other issues that need clarification. For any support inquiries, please send us an email at infor@artjobtraining.com