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3D Design

Classes teaching 3D from game character design to environments, advertising products, and 3D game art on various software such as 3ds Max, Zbrush, Blender.

Learn 3D Design
Digital Painting

There are many classes shown with digital painting materials, drawings from 2D game art, landscapes, character designs, I draw in different styles, …

Learn Digital Painting
Graphic Design

Here are classes specialized in 2D graphic design, logo design, brand identity, flat art drawing, and creating characters from simple geometric shapes.

Learn Graphic Design
Traditional Drawing

Classes on traditional materials and techniques such as watercolor, oil painting, gouache.. Drawing various types of landscapes, life drawing, and illustrating using different traditional materials.

Learn Traditional Drawing


All Levels

Traditional Drawing...

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The course is informative and enjoyable.

The course is excellent and engaging. The lessons are easy to understand, and the attentive and diligent editing makes it even easier to grasp. I really enjoy this course..

Luong Ngoc Huy

The course helps me improve a lot

The course helps me improve in terms of lines, sketching techniques, shading, and A0 proportions. It helps me gain a deeper understanding of the field I am pursuing. Previously, I considered myself good at drawing, but it was vague without any specific knowledge. I used to draw based on intuition, but after taking this sketching course, I have a broader perspective and understand what to do first and what is considered good or bad. The instructor is very friendly and highly knowledgeable, providing one-on-one guidance to help me understand the mistakes I made. They have helped me become more proficient and guided me in the right direction. I will strive to practice daily and continue improving. Best wishes to those who will take the course in the future !!!!<3.

Tran Duc Trung

The course is of high quality.

I’m glad to hear that the course met your expectations, especially considering your initial doubts and lack of knowledge about the tools. It’s great to know that the course didn’t disappoint you. Throughout the learning process, you received enthusiastic support, and Mr. Mhee helped you with any concerns or questions you had. This dedicated assistance played a significant role in your experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the excitement of these tools and persistently refine your final project, even with 7749 revisions. In summary, the course is of high quality, and the instructor’s commitment is also commendable. <3.

Nguyen Thi Diem Quynh