Course Content
Chapter 1: Fundamental of Gouache
Before embarking on the gouache color journey, the instructor will thoroughly walk you through the steps of establishing a strong foundation. Additionally, a set of introductory exercises will ignite your creativity, setting the stage for the upcoming and thrilling artistic journey.
Chapter 2: Study Painting with Clouds and Skies
The collection of practice exercises, thoughtfully divided into three poetry moments throughout the day, will be your wellspring of inspiration and unwavering motivation. They are designed to ensure your efficient and persistent learning of knowledge and techniques.
Chapter 3: Lanscape Painting
Continue with the end-of-course practice exercises to consolidate the knowledge you've gathered throughout your learning journey. Pay close attention to the lectures as the instructor may provide additional valuable tips to make your drawing work even smoother and more efficient.
Gouache Techniques for Beginner
Explore the fundamental materials required to kickstart your adventure in gouache painting. This encompasses a range of paints, paper choices, brush selections, and more. Furthermore, receive in-depth instructions on what to look for when acquiring each material.
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