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Class 2: Versatile Application of Illustration
Discover a comprehensive course designed to elevate your illustration skills. Gain essential knowledge and techniques for crafting compelling, well-rounded illustrations. Whether you're honing your artistry or pursuing a career in game design or social comics, these skills are invaluable.
Class 3: Game Art 2D Part 1 Ui/Ux Game Design
This course is your entry into 2D game illustration, offering a holistic view of game projects, from interfaces and layouts to items and buttons. It unravels key elements and a success formula for standard mobile game art. Practical exercises solidify your skills on the path to becoming a skilled 2D game artist.
Class 4: Game Art 2D Part 2 – Character Design and Final Project
This course takes you deep into hands-on practice, empowering you to master the creative process of crafting polished 2D game artwork. You'll acquire knowledge in perspective, layout, sketching, line work, color, lighting and more to enhance your personal skill set.
The Journey to Becoming a 2D Game Artist
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