Course Content
Chapter 1: Perspective in Painting
The initial chapter of the course is focused on imparting knowledge of scene composition and direct perspective analysis using reference models. The instructor also provides guidance on color value techniques and the practical application of perspective through a series of hands-on exercises. This comprehensive approach ensures that learners can confidently grasp both the methods and underlying concepts effectively.
Chapter 2: Color, Light and Final Class Art
The series of hands-on exercises allows you to master skills in lighting and color, seamlessly integrating perspective knowledge. This combination empowers you to craft exquisite landscape paintings using gouache colors, creating a harmonious fusion of techniques and artistic vision.
Simple Perspective in Gouache Painting
Hone your skills in color dynamics influenced by light distribution and viewpoint perspective. Master advanced techniques for capturing light and shadow nuances through precise color selection and blending. Gain invaluable insights to elevate your artwork, making it a compelling choice for skill enhancement in this course.
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