Course Content
Chapter 1: Body Propotion and Posing
Begin with understanding adult character proportions for both genders by estimating in units of 1 head. Subsequently, engage in practical exercises to draw character postures, ranging from simple to more complex poses, enhancing your referencing skills along the way.
Chapter 2: Body Feature Drawing
Continue the series of hands-on exercises to master the techniques of drawing hands, feet, knees,... and relatively complex anatomical details. As you become proficient in drawing these body parts, your characters will noticeably improve.
Chapter 3: Chibi Style and Final Artbwork
Chibi characters evoke a sense of cuteness and approachability for the viewers. In the next chapter, we will learn the process of creating Chibi characters based on reference characters, incorporating techniques related to proportion, structure simplification, and color application, ensuring your anime characters look polished and achieve the desired impact.
Anime Intermediate: Full-Body & Chibi Styling
Master the art of drawing hands step by step, from sketching and constructing detailed structures to outlining and adding vibrant colors. Challenge yourself with intricate hand poses in this comprehensive lesson.
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